Königsfarben an art action in the context of the Königssommer in Königswinter

KöVid 19

In my work I deal with colour and architecture. My works depict the process of changing our perception by changing the values of colour. This concentration on certain colour values causes a different emotional approach to the motif. I call this approach popchromatic photography.

The motifs I use here are a section of the architecture of the “Kunstforum Palastweiher” in Königswinter with the striking roof construction of the building’s former gymnasium (as a symbol for the art scene in Königswinter) and as a further symbol two donkeys with hygiene masks. Over time the donkey has become Königswinter’s mascot, perhaps a figure of identification for Königswinter’s residents.

Contrary to popular opinion donkeys are neither stupid nor stubborn. Donkeys are intelligent and attentive animals that are always aware of their surroundings. Donkeys originally lived in the rocky mountains of North Africa. They are very attentive and check exactly where they step, because a headless flight of the animals in steep or rocky terrain would lead to their certain death.

Taking this caution as a model for dealing with unfamiliar situations, I see the donkey as a symbol for dealing with the “Covid 19 situation”. Not to take anything for granted and to evaluate every situation anew.


Inspired by Andy Warhol’s work, I searched for a form of expression within my photographic work as a graphic designer to find the striking style of Warhol’s work through colour. An indispensable tool is Adobe’s Photoshop program, with which digital processing leads to the final result of the works presented on this website.



In the year 2017 I started to add a new colorfulness to my photographic works. Since then I use this stylistic device as a personalized expression of my photographic work. Not every motif is suitable for a popchromatic treatment, rather it must be determined individually for each picture whether the motif is suitable.

I will offer my works for sale through a webshop. The webshop is currently still under development and is expected to be ready in early November.

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